Cinque Terre, Italy

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Important! All the rumours about the limit on visitors of Cinque Terre in 2019 are fake! Officially announced: the park is open for tourists with no restrictions!

Eating in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre restaurants Vernazza

Seafood, vegetables and Sciacchetrà
The characteristic dishes of the Cinque Terre are very fundamental and simple. They provide unaltered true aroma and taste of fresh products. Cinque Terre main choice is seafood and it’s really amazing. All the dishes are often improved with aromatics basils, which grow in the entire region, such as: oregano, marjoram and thyme. Additionally we just cannot forget the olive oil which is extra representative product of this zone. Cinque Terre’s food is suitable for vegetarians too. Vegetables are significant components of these dishes. For example you can eat a delicious minestrone soup cooked with artichokes, leeks, Swiss chards, potatoes and cabbages. We would recommend you to taste the white wine, which is another characteristic product of the territory. And at the end of your meal you can drink a glass of Sciacchetrà, (it’s a strong sweet wine created with raisins), it helps digestion and it’s very tasty too.
There is a large square in Vernazza with a view right to the sea and it has many restaurants. This square is a very romantic place for lunch (see image above).

Hotel in Vernazza

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Grand Hotel

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Hotel in Riomaggiore


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Hotel Porto Roca

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Hotel in Manarola

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Apartment with sea view

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Rated 5 stars out of 5

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Price starting at 79 €

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