Cinque Terre, Italy

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Cinque Terre Riomaggiore dal mare

Beach: yes, small.
Travel tips: Riomaggiore is divided into two parts. North and South are linked by underpass where begins a long tunnel to the railway station. If you arrive by train, so you have two ways after leaving the station: there is a tunnel to the right that brings you to the city; and stairs to Way of Love begins to the left. Riomaggiore is a beautiful and quiet city. Houses are very originally here - they have two entry: one is at level of one street and other is at level of upper street. You can also find the diving office here.
Photo of Riomaggiore.
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Church of St John the Baptist, Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

1. Church of St John the Baptist
Basilica was built in 1340-1343 by the Antelami Masters, with three naves, square apse, dome-sprite steeple, two Gothic portals and a refined tracery rose window. The anterior part of the church was renovated in 1870. The façade still preserves early Romanesque elements which pre-date the church construction. The interior is divided by elegant ogival arches and contains a large painting attributed to Domenico Fiasella (1589-1669), depicting the predication of St John the Baptist, a large wooden crucifix by Antonio Maria Maragliano (1664-1739), other exquisite 17th and 18th century paintings and a mechanical organ dated 1851.

Oratory and chapels, Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

2. Oratory and chapels
The Flagellants Oratory or Church of Assunta dates back to the 15th century and keeps a triptych with the Virgin, the Child and the Saints John the Baptist and Domenico. The Oratory of St Anthony Abbot in the lower part of the village is of uncertain origin, while the Chapel of St Rocco and St Sebastian, built in commemoration of a plague, is characterized by gracious porticoes and has in the inside a beautiful triptych with Virgin, Child and Saints.

Castle of Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

3. Castle of Riomaggiore
Begun in 1260 by the Turcotti Marquis, was completed by the Republic of Genoa to serve as a defence against Barbarian incursions. Located on a dominating site, consists of two rounded towers and ruins of the walls incorporated subsequently into a cemetery.

Via dell'amore, Way of Love, Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

4. Via dell'Amore
“Via dell’Amore” (Way of Love) is the tourist path that connects Riomaggiore to Manarola.
The beautiful landscapes that characterize the path and wonderful views are the basis of its reputation, but, as his story contain some very interesting details. The main reason which led to the creation of "Via dell'Amore" is closely linked to modernization of the railway line Genoa - La Spezia initiated in the early 1900, jobs requiring the construction of a tunnel between Manarola and Riomaggiore.


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According to the tradition, the origin core would have been founded in the 7th century by a group of Greek refugees, at the site of the current small village of Montenero, located up the hill. After the main urban centre shifted toward the coastline, it was ruled by various feudal families, such as the Turcotti, lords of Ripalta and Cericò, and the Fieschi, until in 1276 it felt under the domination of the Republic of Genoa, like the others villages of Cinque Terre. The houses are arranged along the narrow Rio Maggiore Valley parallel to the stream (now covered), crossed by steep flights of steps and alleyways. A fishing quarter faces the sea and a farming quarter the mountain. There is a small harbour for boats and two little stony beaches on both sides. The population is of 2500 residents, also including people living in the vicinities.

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